Clubs and Activities

Delsea Middle School Clubs and Activities

Activity Advisor Meeting Place   

Art Mr. Fischer            Art Room                

Chorus Mrs. Seigel             Music Room

Band Mr. DuBeau Music Room

Drama Club Ms. Glenn/ Mr. Theurer Café

English Club Mr. Neglia        A-10            

Environment Club Mr. Dougherty A-1

Fitness Club       Mr. Murschell        Gymnasium

Foreign Lang. Club Mrs. Atsu-Swanzy   A-6

History Club    Mr. Bradley         A-2                  Jr. Black Cultural League Mrs. Armistead      A-11

Math Club Mr. Simione            B-9

Media Center Aides   Mrs. Papiano        Media Center              

Natural Helpers      Ms. Assini               C-5  

Organizational Mang. Ms. Armistead/ Mr. McNichol   M-1

Renaissance Mrs. Minor/Mrs. Tiernan M-7

Storytellers            Mrs. Papiano          Media Center

Student Ambassadors Mrs. Huntsinger     Guidance     

Student Govt.    Mr. Bradley       A-2  

Tech Club              Mr. Neglia            A-10        

Yearbook Club       Mrs. Scharf            A-3         


*Listen to announcements to find out dates and times of meetings*


Class Advisors

7th Grade                  Mrs. Kennedy (in room A9)

8th Grade                  Mrs. Brescia (in room B3)